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Hi, I'm Maruan, a freelance UX/UI Designer and Developer,

helping companies to create the best possible user experience for their digital products.

Marumedia UX/UI Designer

Design & Code –
the perfect combination

My competences are not limited to user interface design, I also succeed to Frond-End development tasks, if required. The mastery of the latest web standards: HTML5, CSS3 (SASS, LESS), PHP and Javascript frameworks form part of my competencies. From visual conception to fully functional websites, I've got your back.

Marumedia Design & Code

Technical understanding ensures that developmental environments and frameworks are already considered during the design processes. This facilitates smooth project handovers to the development.


High quality standards are maintained by limiting the number of clients. I intend to exclusively collaborate, when I can assure promoting the project with my expertise in the best possible way.


My passion is my profession. I always try to come up with fresh ideas and provide the highest quality results. This might also include out-of-the-box thinking or walking the extra mile, but nothing is more motivating than enthusiastic clients!


A deep understanding of design and programming lays the foundations for leading interdisciplinary teams.

Marumedia Design & Code

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